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Oak wood is both very useful and rather expensive. On one hand, oak is no longer being used to build ships and so most of it is available for the consumer market. On the other hand, oak takes a long time to grow and demand makes it expensive even compared to equivalent hardwoods such as hickory. That said, oak has its own color and is very attractive when polished. oak living room furniture is also durable enough to last multiple lifetimes. 

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Getting Familiar With The Oak Option

oak furniture can vary significantly in price because oak has the potential to remain on the market for a very long time. An antique oak chair is very common and does not suffer for continuing wear. When it comes to making furniture, oak is one of the most popular woods because of its durability and tensile strength. Depending on the species, oak can be dark or a lighter shade. White oak is the most common and least expensive wood available on the market today.

Prior to the colonization of North America, most oak available to Europeans came from the temperate forests of Europe. On one hand, big oak trees are hard to cut down while on the other hand the rewards of the wood are very great. Finding a large oak tree outside of national forests is rare because most have been cut down for building material. Until the invention of mass produced steel and ceramics, wood was the primary building material of Europeans.

Oak furniture from the old world is definitely more expensive because of the scarcity of native oak. This is especially true of antique oak furniture. On the other hand, colonizing the New World created a significant new supply of timber that offsets the cost of shipping and handling. New oak furniture is not terribly expensive because of supply. The exception might be darker oak wood, which is more expensive due to scarcity and demand for the color.

Why Choose Oak

Even cheaper white oak has a very attractive color and pattern when polished. It can also be darkened with a natural coating. The resulting furniture is attractive and also very sturdy. Oak is much denser than pine, and the difference in strength and resilience is not understood by people who have no experience with dense wood. It is much harder to dent oak, which is one reason why it is also used as flooring lumber.

Even if the surface coating of oak furniture fades due to neglect, bare oak wood can survive a long time. It preferably stays dry but does not rot as quickly as soft wood. It was once used to build ships, after all. Oak is much stronger than pine wood and so furniture made using it should be able to support heavy bodies and also to last for centuries with care.

Whenever oak furniture is sold on the antiques market, it is worth a lot but also suffers from competition. There is a lot of oak antiques because they last nearly forever. On the bright side, an antique can be expected to perform as well as something build new. It might even be better because of the state of the wood.